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With many years of experience, one can consider us to be the leading online bulk SMS platform. We can boast of having an extensive clientele who are able to trigger affordable bulk SMS campaigns to numerous customers across the globe. Our company is known to provide exceptional services when it comes to SMS messaging right now. There is no doubt that SMS Myntra has succeeded in spreading its wings in online services to help individuals and companies convey their messages by choosing the appropriate communication medium.

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Our Motto

Our environment can be responsible for nurturing talent while making sure that our people contribute to our success.

Our result-oriented tradition powers excellence and encourages responsibility across every aspect of what is done by us.

Our ambition is to become leaders in our practice while developing purposefully to provide innovative un-yielding security and stability.

We intend to provide top-quality customer service without fail. Every interaction should be able to provide value to the business of our customers at present.

We are of the notion that investment in ground breaking R&D will help us to grow globally, as well as domestically.

About SMS Myntra

SMS Myntra happens to be a top-notch enterprise messaging communication platform providing personalized bulk SMS solutions for strengthening business communications while connecting to the leading telecom operators directly. We have designed our solutions to enable the sending of SMS via your software directly. We are aware of the fact that time is everything in the present business environment. Only 24 hours will be available to people to perform different types of activities for the purpose of generating and saving money as well as spending cash. For that reason, it can be rightly asserted that time is money. Our company will help you to perform swift messaging without any time, location, or number restrictions. One can send messages to virtually any mobile number together with the delivery status monitoring of every single message. It helps to deliver messages to the mobile devices for the respective recipient by integrating HTTP, API, XML, and SMPP with other applications to deliver messages to the phone numbers of the respective recipient.

We have the privilege of having numerous outstanding customer reviews where the overall rate of satisfaction is more than 98%. The vast majority of our customers have asserted that SMS Myntra has already satisfied them and we provide gratification to innumerable mobile marketing users across the globe.

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Efficient and reliable SMS platform! Streamlined campaigns and excellent customer support make this provider a top choice for businesses.

Jone Doe

Innovative features and seamless integration options. Boosted our engagement rates significantly. Highly recommended for any marketing strategy.

David Smith

Simple interface, powerful results! This SMS service provider offers a user-friendly experience with robust analytics for targeted campaigns.

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Build Great Customer Experience

High quality routes

Round the clock support

Easy to use interface

Quick delivery

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Cost effective

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Why use bulk sms marketing

It is possible to send lots of text messages to mobile phone users with the help of bulk SMS marketing. We usually use these methods to send transactional notifications, reminders, promotional offers, and so on to the target audience. It helps us to reach a wide audience within a short time in an affordable and effective manner.

How to sign up free trial with smsmyntra
It’ll be possible to sign up for a free trial with SMSMyntra within a short period. There is no need for a credit card, and you simply need to enter your email address. This platform is 100% free to sign up as well.
Are all languages suported by smsmyntra ?

All languages will be supported since the messaging platform of SMSMyntra supports Unicode, ASCII, GSM7, and other types of SMS data codings. It’ll be possible to send SMS in other languages such as Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, and Bengali which is known as Unicode SMS. For this, the Unicode option must be selected.

What kind of application can I integrate with

You can use the SMS gateway of SMSMyntra reliably from virtually any server, CRM application, or email application. You can access the getaway for free and can also send SMS to as many recipients as you like. For this, you have to register for a free account.

What pricing plans options are available
The pricing plans will depend on the particular package that you want to go for. However, one thing is for sure our rates are quite affordable. Moreover, you will get a free trial period before purchasing the appropriate plan according to the requirements of your business.
How to preregister my sender id
You need to complete the appropriate registration form for submitting your request while setting up your sender ID. After the approval of your request, the sender ID will be preregistered for your account.
What is the difference between promotional and transactional SMS
We primarily use transactional SMS to send orders and book alerts. We also dispatch them to informational messages for the purpose of registering clients. On the other hand, we use promotional SMS to dispatch sales and marketing messages.
What is the process of sending bulk sms online with SMSMYNTRA
First, you need to create an account with SMSMYNTRA and purchase SMS credits. Following this, you have to either add or upload your contacts. Next, you need to compose the SMS content in your preferred language and track bulk SMS campaign delivery reports as well.

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