Phone Number List and SMS Marketing for UAE

Lots of people think that SMS marketing is old news. This is really surprising considering that more and more people are using mobile devices! Phone number list for marketing in UAE can really work for you, but it’s all about knowing your audience well and offering them things they really want.

Think about it – everybody has a mobile phone. Most people carry them with them constantly. While we check our email whenever we’ve got a computer handy, the phone is always on and always taking calls.

It’s reported that 95% of text messages are opened in the 4 minutes after they’re received. Compare that to PC e-mail’s 20%. Bulk SMS Marketing for UAE also has drastically less spam because of tighter government regulations.

SMS Gateway for UAE allows you to get up-close and personal with your target market. Most of us only get texts from friends and family. If you have a good relationship with your subscribers, you’re included in this group.

What You Can Do With SMS Gateway for UAE

Most people use bulk SMS Marketing for UAE to make offers to their subscribers. These are either coupons that they get by sending a keyword to a short code, or they’re links to special deals on the company’s website. However, there are lots of other ways you can use SMS and here are just a few:

  • Notices of webinars.

  • Reminders for appointments or limited time offers that are ending soon.

  • High-end sales follow-ups.

  • Notifications of special events.

  • Billing reminders. And a whole lot more. The potential for using Phone number list for marketing in UAE is virtually limitless.

The first and most challenging part is getting subscribers. The way it works is that you do a bulk SMS Marketing for UAE and people opt-in to receive special deals. You should never send texts to people who haven’t opted in. It’s spamming and it can get you into trouble.

When people sign up for your SMS list, it’s just like when they sign up for your email list. They want you to send them promotions. They’re already sold on your products and services and they’re waiting for your texts!

You can have a sign-up form on your website, do it offline in your store or place of business, advertise it to your email list, tell everybody on your social media sites, etc.

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